Myopia control and containment sought with the latest technologies and the most efficacious treatments.

Our approach in eye care is proactive, this means that we adopt procedures and methods with the ultimate goal in preventing problems. We may apply this to early glaucoma detection or reducing stress for a child's visual needs. In any case this principle is applied to all patients and answers are sought for all different circumstances and conditions. Our eye examinations and treatments will include steps that a patient may take to prevent potential problems. As the caregiver Dr. Herzberg may include suggestions, treatments, or lifestyle changes that will have a positive impact on the patients visual health.

Specialized Equipment

Optos (Ultra Wide Field Digital Imaging) - This system utilizes two lasers( red and green) which scan and digitize the Retina( Back of the eye). This allows your doctor to see any changes to ocular structures due to disease, refractive or aging effects. This state of the art system will revolutionize eye care and best of all it makes dilation unnecessary!

GDX Scanning Laser

This laser scans the Optic Nerve head and evaluates the nerve fiber layer. It is this layer of the nerve head which is first impacted in Glaucoma( a disease of high eye pressure). In Glaucoma, which is often symptom less even into its advanced stages, the increased pressure in the eye decreases the blood flow to the optic nerve causing nerve fiber death. Early detection of this disease can save sight.

Zeiss-Humphrey Field Analyzer with SWAP

Visual field analysis is still the best way to diagnose and evaluate progress in Glaucoma treatment. The short wave assessment program( swap) is the most sensitive of its type to evaluate changes from Glaucoma.

Zeiss-Humphrey and Euclid Topographers

Dr. Herzberg utilizes Corneal typography to evaluate the many curvatures of this remarkable clear window that we view the world through. Our office uses this technology to better fit our gas permeable contacts and evaluate their treatment effects over time. We also use typography in our Corneal rehabilitation specialty which includes Keratoconus( ectasia of the Cornea) and Lasik complications.

Konan Spectroscope

The spectroscope is used to evaluate the endothelium of the Cornea. This is the last layer of the Cornea and it is also its most sensitive. Soft contact lens wearers who over wear their lenses and deny the Cornea of necessary oxygen can cause permanent damage to the endothelium. We monitor our patients closely to avoid this outcome.

The Laser Network (TLN)

Our office belongs to a laser network. This network is comprised of Optometrists and Ophthalmologists who strive to provide the safest and most advanced treatment for our patients who would like the benefits of Lasik. Since we do Corneal rehabilitation on Lasik complications our focus is avoiding this for our patients. Included in our workup for refractive surgery is a session with any prospective patient about how we try to screen out anyone who may have a less then desirable outcome. With the advent of wave front technology Lasik will be more predictable in its outcomes and thus more successful in the future.