Herzberg Optical offers a complete and thorough eye examination that allows the doctor and patient to work together in order to give the best possible eye care required. We place high importance on patient education. A patient's understanding and involvement in their examination allows us to invoke many different and unique applications of vision care solutions to simple and complex eye care needs.

Comprehensive medical examination of the eye

Exams offer a complete analysis of case history, covering the health and lifestyle habits of the patient and how they may impact visual needs and their subsequent correction. Extensive pre-testing including color vision, depth perception, visual field and auto refraction. Laser imaging of the Retina for eye disease and scanning of the Optic Nerve for Glaucoma. Complete analysis of refractive state of the eye, the accommodative system, muscle balance testing, phoric positioning of the eyes in both horizontal and vertical modes, extensive near point testing including computer vision analysis. Assessment and treatment options are discussed with the patient and effective therapy prescribed. New technology alternatives to dilation and digital slit lamp photography of the eye.

Lens Technology

The most current lenses are available at Herzberg Optical supporting superior assistance to what you require in glasses. These include Trivex lenses for greater safety and low distortion as well as new Hi-Index materials for higher prescriptions. Hi-Index materials allow for very thin lens designs with high abbe values(closest to the value of the eye). Special occupational lenses, near variable focus delivering the best intermediate and near with wide fields of view(excellent for computer users). New transition velocity lens for faster changes in sunlight and quicker recovery indoors.


The latest trends and styles combined with optimal comfort and support for your visual needs. Fashionable eyewear from designer names and brands at affordable price ranges. The latest in rimless designs offering light weight and attractive designs. Large variety of sunglasses with special absorptive tints for a diverse amount of applications.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

It is estimated that over 100 million working Americans suffer from computer eyestrain.

In this day and age nearly everyone spends a lot of their time in front of a computer. If you are focusing on a computer screen for more than two hours each day, you may experience some symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Whether it be for school, work, computer games, the internet or a hobby the computer presents a difficult image for the eyes to focus upon. Since the eye cannot correctly focus on an image comprised of pixels, such as a computer screen, the eye goes to it's resting state of focus which is behind the screen. Symptoms of computer eyestrain include: Headaches, loss of focus, tired/dry eyes, double or blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain.. Utilizing a PRIO tester/Kids PRIO tester, we are able to accurately determine the specifications of your focusing needs for your computer screen. Prescribed glasses or contacts can alleviate symptoms and problems commonly caused by CVS.